The Casual Baller

What is the casual baller? You know, the guy who dabble a little playing basketball, well, that's me. I used to play alot when I was a teen, but like many adults, we just don't have much time anymore and getting the guys together is tough.

So what do I do to fill that void of not able to play ball as much as I want to? How about watch NBA basketball , wear the apparels, attend games, collect any related to NBA? I just truly love the game and the NBA. I have watched, read and breathe the NBA air for the past 25 years.

Have you grown up yet? Do you wanna grow up? I dont, at least when when it comes to my passion as far as nba basketball is concern. I'm like obsessed, all NBA all day. My wife roll her eyes when she sees me doing any "NBA" related things. She goes "NBA again?" Thats her getting annoyed by my ways or rather obsession with the sport.

Blake Griffin Panini Los Angeles Clippers

She would disapprove or "roll her eyes" when she sees my going through my basketball cards. Most, if not all grown men would have stopped collecting by high school or college. What if they didnt? What if they never stopped collecting? Because cards are for kids only? Well, I'm one of those that never stopped collecting. I started 25 years ago and never stopped.

So whats next?


Michael Jordan dunking Genesis